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Paint Parties
Paint Parties

Welcome to Saframes Custom Framing and Online Store… 

Have something custom framed, design a mirror, pick out a poster, photo frame, or other gift item for yourself or someone special, book a paint party… and be sure to sign up for our email list to be notified of special events like art and music shows, contests, and more!

Saframes custom frames
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Welcome to Saframes Custom Framing and Online Store… We’re on Etsy and Amazon… Check us out!

But there’s nothing like coming into our beautiful brick and mortar shop where you can have something custom framed, order a custom designed mirror, browse our photo frames and other gift items, or sign-up for one of our customizable, thematic paint parties. 


We handcraft decorative, functional tabletop and wall decor for every room in your home or office. Of course, your space is uniquely yours, and so we customize our products according to your needs. You’ll love the process as we help guide you in choosing just the right frame, matting, and glazing to highlight your work of art. No wonder our customers proclaim “this is fun!” 


Using conservation methods and best practices, we’ll create a piece that is not just beautiful; It will be protected so that it can be enjoyed  for many years to come.


Our signature moulding is reclaimed American barnwood, which we use au naturale, painted, or transformed into patterned, gilded, and fresco-like designs. Beyond rustic wood, we also work with imported woods with interesting finishes like our hammered gold, pewter, and silver pieces. Styles range from traditional to contemporary with everything in between, and if you’re looking for color, we have every color imaginable!


For custom framing, photo frames, mirrors, and more… from shabby chic to sublimely chic and everything in between, shop Saframes!